Collection and Handling of Cash


This service, with the support of a Cash Transport Company, integrates the collection of amounts in money (cheques and cash) at the Customer's premises, as well as their transportation, handling and deposit into the Customer Current Account with Banco BPI.


It allows to guarantee the collection of the amounts in a secure way, through a system assembled and organized between the intervening parties: BPI, Customer and Cash Transport Company (“Empresa de Transporte de Valores” - ETV).


Security: transport carried out in vehicles of cash transport, by a specialized company that is responsible for the collection and delivery of the money for deposit.

Simplicity: The Customer only has to ensure the preparation of the deposit amounts. The collection and handling are ensured at agreed dates and times.

Speed on account credit: the credit corresponding to the amounts collected is made within a period not exceeding 24 hours after the date of delivery.

Comfort in the Handling of Money: eliminates the need for frequent trips to the Bank.

Flexible Solution: possibility to adjust the service to the needs of the Customer:

  • Periodicity and collection times;
  • Possibility to complement with the service of cash supply for change.

Companies, Individual Business Owners and Self-employed Professionals who have large amounts of money (cash or cheques) for deposit.

For more information, please go to any BPI Branch or Corporate Centre or contact us.