Payment of Salaries


Fast and convenient payment of salaries, with maximum security.

  • Automation of procedures; national and international payments can be aggregated in the same support and in a single operation;
  • Lower processing costs and administrative burden;
  • Instruction files sent through various channels;
  • Submission of payment orders with future processing date;
  • Possibility to check the details of instructions, after processing;
  • Additional benefits for employees who domicile their salarie with BPI.

Deadline for submitting files:

  • Two business days before the intended date of processing;
  • Files sent via BPI Net Empresas may be sent on the day of processing.

Deadlines for availability of funds, after processing:

  • To BPI beneficiaries, the funds will be made available on the execution day of the orders;
  • To beneficiaries of other national banks, the funds will be made available on the business day following the execution of the orders;
  • The company's account is debited on the processing date by the total amount of payments to be made.

For more information, please go to any BPI Branch or Corporate Centre or contact us.