New payment method that simplifies the shopping experience.


MB WAY is a new simple, convenient and fast payment method. With MB WAY, whether online or at the point of sale, Customers will be able to pay for purchases using only the mobile phone number.

  • Allows customer loyalty, through a new simple, fast, convenient and safe payment method;
  • Easy integration with existing system, either online or at the point of sale;
  • Transactions protected by SIBS. 
How to Join
  • To join the MB WAY service, the company must:
  • Contract the service from BPI;
  • Implement MB WAY technical interfaces in the system, using a certified integrating entity if necessary (see the list of available partners here).

For more information, please go to any BPI Branch or Corporate Centre or contact us.


For more information on the service, see www.mbway.pt.