BPI Corporate (APR 19,8% to 21,6%)

BPI Corporate card is available in Classic or Gold versions, for different user profiles.

  • Reduction of administrative costs, reducing cash fund requirements;
  • Allocation of an autonomous credit limit per card, defined by the company according to the user's profile;
  • Card accepted all over the world in the MasterCard network;
  • Efficient and secure management of employee representation expenses, avoiding advances on foreseeable expenses;
  • Fast, simple and safe card management and checking through BPI Net Empresas.

The outstanding balance on the BPI Corporate card is always paid at 100%. Failure to pay results in the outstanding amount being added of interest at the rate of 16%.

BPI Net Empresas permits to view information by company, department, card, and supplier, according to user profile.

The company can choose between centralized payment (single debit for the set of cards) or individual payment (debits card by card in different accounts).

The BPI Corporate card is available in Classic or Gold versions, allowing access to a set of insurance products and providing advantageous conditions on Hertz car rentals and discounts in the Pestana Group Hotels and Inns.

The BPI Corporate Line telephone answering service is permanently available: (+ 351) 21 720 77 40 or 22 607 22 80.


Companies based in Portugal.

Other Services

Permanent Telephone Answering Service (24 hours a day, every day of the year):

  • Useful information: immediate medical advice, on-duty pharmacies, hospitals, plane timetables and fares, road traffic, weather forecast, restaurants, schools, shops and museums.
  • Miscellaneous services (cost paid through authorized debit to Card Account): sending of flowers; home doctor; home delivery of medicines; booking tickets for shows; and finding qualified professionals for urgent repairs at home.

Hertz Corporate Business Programme:
The BPI Corporate Classic Card offers its holders free access to this programme, which, among other benefits, provides very advantageous rental conditions, including special rates (discounts of up to 40% on the public rate). For more information, please go to any Hertz Rental Station or call 808 20 20 38 in Portugal.

Pestana Hotels and Pousadas de Portugal
Discounts in the Pestana Hotels all over the world and in the network of Pousadas de Portugal.


For the Corporate Card, 100% of the outstanding balance must always be paid. If payment is not made, a nominal fee of 16% is added to the amount due. BPI Corporate Gold Card: 21,6% APR; BPI Corporate Classic Card: 19,8% APR. APR calculated based on € 1.500 of credit, 16% nominal annual rate, annual fees of € 50 and € 30, respectively, 12-month term and single repayment at the end of term in accordance with Decree-Law 220/94.