Multi bank channel


Service that allows for direct and reliable communication with BPI.

The Multi bank channel is a communication platform which allows the direct exchange of financial information between the IT system of a company and BPI. This allows the company to enhance security and automatization of bank reconciliation, payments and collection procedures, as well as provide broader control over financial operations. 

Main Advantages
  • Connection to the Bank via Internet Protocol (IP) using the European banking communications protocol (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard - EBICS);
  • High level of automation in the sending and receiving of operations to various Banks, without the need for manual intervention;
  • Forwarding of files concerning payments, collection of Portuguese and SEPA debts;
  • Possibility of automatically incorporating information received from Banks;
  • High level of security for information flows sent and/or received from Banks;
  • Greater efficiency in the transmission of high volumes of operations;
  • Possibility of implementing automatic bank reconciliation mechanisms. 

This service is aimed at companies using ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) along with cash-flow management software or a specific communication module which uses the EBICS (Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard) transmission protocol.

By subscribing to this service, the company is able to take advantage of various banking services:

  • AFB120 bank statements;
  • “Norma 43” Statements (exclusively for clients with banks accounts domiciled in BPI Madrid);
  • Transfers beginning with files in PS2 and ISO 20022 XML formats (Bank of Portugal’s C2B version);
  • National Direct and SEPA Debits (ISO 20022 XML files);
  • Receipt of return, restitution, refunds and reversal files;
  • Receipt of files with Information for Debit Authorizations (“Informação às Autorizações de Débito” - IAD);
  • Cheque-Letter.

In the event the Company has not subscribed to the service(s) described above, it must do so by entering into the respective utilization contract with the Bank for each of the services above described. 

For more information, please go to any BPI Branch or Corporate Centre or contact us.