BPI Tesouraria Já

BPI Tesouraria Já offers companies short-term solutions to finance payments and/or bring forward future revenues.


The management of cash requirements resulting from the time lag between receipts and payments is a challenge for any business.

With BPI Tesouraria Já, BPI supports companies' cash management through a range of financing solutions for purchases and sales of goods and services.

  • Simplicity: contracting based on BPI form and support document to the commercial transaction;
  • Speed: the funds are made available 24 hours after being contracted;
  • Comprehensiveness: includes financing options for the various phases of the operation cycle (procurement, production and sales);
  • Flexibility: of loan amount and period. The company only pays charges for drawings made in the amount and time needed;
  • Better bargaining capacity with suppliers (payment periods and conditions) and better response capacity to the clients.

Companies, Individual Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Persons who regularly or occasionally need to finance their operating cycle.

Types of Operations

Short-term solutions to finance payments and/or bring forward future revenues.

BPI Tesouraria Já | Payments

  • BPI finances payments to national suppliers, allowing the company to postpone its payment effort without affecting the supplier's payment term, or even paying sooner than the due date.
  • Contract support documents: copy of the invoice.

BPI Tesouraria Já | Orders 

  • BPI advances to the company the amount of orders from its national clients, allowing it to finance production of prepare the order.
  • Contract support documents: copy of order form (or equivalent, e.g.: proforma invoice, supply contract).

BPI Tesouraria Já | Collections 

  • BPI advances the amount of collection files sent to the Bank for processing, with settlement at a future date.
  • Contract support documents: files sent to BPI for the processing of Collections.

BPI Tesouraria Já | Invoices

  • BPI advances the amount of forward-payment invoices issued by the company in the domestic market, allowing it to start of a new operation cycle.
  • Contract support documents: copy of the invoice.   
Types of Operations

Up to 100% of the amount of the transactions involved.

  • Financing terms adjusted to the transactions;
  • Full repayment on the transaction due date or on the date the collected amount is received, whichever occurs first;
  • Interest payment: in arrears.