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BPI Net Empresas

BPI Net Empresas, BPI's Corporate Internet Banking Service, enables integrated account management and a wide range of national and international operations to be carried out quickly, conveniently and with maximum security.


Immediate access to your company's up-to-date information and possibility to carry out banking operations quickly and conveniently.

Simple and Convenient
User-friendly and accessible from any work post.

Increases productivity
Allows to optimise management processes and reduce costs, as less time is spent in daily administrative tasks.

Register and use are free of charge. Some operations are very competitively priced compared to BPI's branch network and Business Centres.

Flexible register process
By defining different user profiles you can replicate your company's hierarchical structure.

Total security and confidentiality in all operations carried out through the service is guaranteed through state-of-the-art data protection technology, combined with access keys and personal coordinates card. 

Available operations

BPI Net Empresas allows you to carry out different views and banking operations, namely:

  • Checking your integrated position, and the balances and movements of deposit and current accounts;
  • Checking the balances and movements of company credit cards and activation of business and corporate cards;
  • Customized download of movements statements;
  • Transfers between company accounts and BPI accounts and interbank transfers;
  • Sending files for wages payments;
  • Transfers and collections by file;
  • Request of cheques;
  • Checking and processing foreign transactions;
  • Payment of services, payments to the State and payment of social security contribution (TSU);
  • Checking your financial information;
  • Proposal for collection and discount of bills;
  • File manager - an offline application to manage and build banking operations files.

For more information, please go to any BPI Branch or Corporate Centre or contact us.