BPI Confirming


BPI Confirming is a payment management service through which the customer submits payment orders to BPI in order to pay the customer’s suppliers. BPI manages the entire process from that point forward, providing information to suppliers concerning the payments of which they are beneficiaries. If they wish to do so, suppliers may request an advance on these payments up to the contracted credit limit during the term and according to conditions negotiated, without bureaucracy or complications.


The BPI Confirming it's a contract under which the Client transmits to BPI forward payment orders to its suppliers. BPI notifies the suppliers of the information on payments for which they are they the beneficiaries and the suppliers can choose to bring forward these payments, signing for the purpose a non-recourse credit (invoices) transfer agreement.


BPI Confirming in 4 steps:

1. The BPI customer sends payment orders to BPI via BPI Net Empresas (Corporate Internet Banking Service) (or other specified channel);
2. BPI immediately sends email notices to suppliers concerning payment orders and the possibility of receiving their payments in advance;
3. Suppliers may request advance payments through BPI Net Empresas (Corporate Internet Banking Service) via an email that includes the signed notice;
4. On the payment order execution date, BPI debits the customer’s account, and payment will be made on such date if the supplier has not been received such advance payment. 


For Company (Payer)

  • Automation of process for payments to national and foreign suppliers, by simply sending files in BPI Net Empresas (Corporate Internet Banking) – quickly, conveniently and securely;
  • Directly benefits your suppliers, providing them with an immediate advance payment of up to 100% of invoiced amounts under favourable terms and with no requirement for the Bank to conduct a risk analysis on the supplier;
  • Improved capacity to negotiate payment terms and pricing conditions with suppliers;
  • Exemption from national and international transfer costs;
  • Exemption from stamp duty for use of credit;
  • Does not increase bank debt;
  • Exemption from commitment fees on unused funds;
  • Allows the consultation and management of online payments through the BPI Net Empresas (Corporate Internet Banking Service) site;
  • No requirement for supplier to be customer of the Bank, namely for purposes of such supplier having the capacity to receive advance payments;
  • Flexibility in advance payment expenses, which may be charged to the company or supplier;
  • Efficient supply chain financing that enables the improvement of its functioning and efficiency.

For Suppliers

  • Simple and easy access to financing and favourable financial terms;
  • Allows immediate advance payment (to registered users and non-registered users) of invoices on the BPI Net Empresas (Corporate Internet Banking Service) website;
  • Does not require submission of economic and financial items to BPI or the provision of additional guarantees;
  • Does not require the opening of account with BPI in order to benefit from advance payment;
  • Great flexibility of use, with the ability to request an advance on one or more invoices on any date (until execution thereof);
  • Ability to quickly, conveniently and securely consult advance payments using BPI Net Empresas (Corporate Internet Banking);
  • Improved liquidity without additional indebtedness, because the supplier can immediately remove payments advanced by BPI from its balance sheet (Customers item);
  • Elimination of collections risk, because the amounts advanced are not subject to recovery from the supplier in case of default by the customer;
  • Available option for automatic advance payment whenever BPI receives orders from such customer;
  • Reduction of administrative costs associated with collections.  

Companies, Sole Proprietors or Self-Employed Professionals


Contract with maximum term up to 1 year (renewable).

Maximum payment order maturity of up to 1 year (between the date upon which invoice payment order is sent and execution date thereof).


Although not a credit product, BPI Confirming entails the approval of a maximum limit for non-recourse advances.

Other Conditions

Payments in euros in the national and international market.


Exemption from stamp duty for credit use, since advances on amounts to suppliers under Confirming constitute non-recourse assignments of credits (invoices).

  • Company: not required to account for advance payments received by its suppliers. The supplier is paid for invoice in advance, assigning the invoice to BPI (without recourse) such that the customer does not need to modify its accounting as such item remains in the “Suppliers” account.
  • Supplier: receives the final amount upon advance payment of its invoice(s), since BPI will not claim repayment of the advance amount under any circumstances. Thus, it must remove the invoice amount from the Customers account and recognise payment thereof for accounting purposes. With BPI Confirming, 100% of the invoice value is advanced, only deducting advance charges when borne by the supplier.
BPI Confirming Support Line*
808 200 610
(National Territory)
+351 21 318 12 22

* Personalised service from 8am to 8pm.

  • Limit approval: BPI approves the amount it advances on payment orders to suppliers of its customer (company);
  • Signing of contract: A contract is signed under which payment orders submitted under BPI Confirming are irrevocable and cannot be cancelled or modified if BPI has made advanced payment to the supplier. BPI assumes its intention to propose advance payments to suppliers up to the approved limit;
  • Sending of payment orders: the company sends payment orders individually or by file through BPI Net Empresas (Corporate Internet Banking Service), multibanking channel or other means to be agreed with BPI;
  • Information to supplier: Once payment orders are received, BPI immediately issues a notice of payment to each supplier via email with details on their payment orders. The notice includes a proposal for advance payment(s) with respective conditions;
  • Payment to supplier: The supplier may opt to:
    - In advance, receive all or part of the payment orders included in the notice through BPI Net Empresas (Corporate Internet Banking Service) or by simply responding to the email with the signed notice;
    - Request automatic advance on any and all payment orders that the company may send to BPI under BPI Confirming (subject to limit availability);
    - Await receipt on the execution date stated in the notice.
  • Debit of payment orders: On the payment order execution date, BPI debits the respective amounts from the company. Payments to suppliers are also made on this date if they have not been advanced.



This information is provided for advertising purposes and does not constitute a contractual offer; you must read the pre-contractual and contractual information required by law.

Contracting subject to prior approval by the entities involved and subject to the conditions defined according to the risk profile of each operation.

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