BPI Depósitos Card


Quick deposit of banknotes and cheques, at any time.

  • Allows companies with employees who transport valuables (e.g., distributors, sellers or collectors) to make deposits at BPI branches at any time of the day so as to avoid carrying large amounts of cash and cheques;
  • The card can be assigned to any employee because it only allows transactions corresponding to deposits in the company’s BPI account (does not allow queries of balances or transactions, or any other payment or transfer operation);
  • Free card.

Resident and Non-Resident Companies, Sole Proprietors and Self-Employed Professionals.


3 years (card expiring date).

Banking Fees

No annual fee.

  • Deposit of amounts (banknotes and cheques) in BPI accounts at Multibanco ATMs located at BPI branches;
  • PIN change.
Solution Type

Card that can be used at ATMs located IN BPI branches that only allows the deposit of banknotes and cheques into the company’s Sight Account.

For more information, please go to any BPI Branch or Corporate Centre or contact us.