BPI Online Deposit | Cash


Cash deposit remote solution that allows companies to manage deposits, banknotes and coins, from their own premises, using approved equipment, without having to go to BPI.


Service specifically developed for companies that deposit large amounts of cash (banknotes and coins).

Through the BPI Depósito Online | Numerário facility (BPI Online Deposit | Cash), companies can deposit cash at their own premises, quickly and easily, during business hours, with almost immediate effect on the account.

Cash collection and treatment is made by a Cash Transportation Company (CTC), either at regular intervals or when the amounts deposited justify making a collection.

The entry into service of this facility is subject to:

  • Signature of an agreement with the CTC for the provision of the Cash Deposit service:
  • Formally entering a “BPI Depósito Online | Numerário” agreement with BPI.



Efficiency: automated control and validation of the money deposited, greatly reducing administrative tasks as well as any cash shortages, leading to a global reduction in costs.

Security: using state-of-the-art technology, detects suspicious banknotes and significantly reduces the risk of theft.

Fast credit into the account: the amounts deposited are credited on the same business day of the deposit (when the service is provided by Prosegur) or on the day following the deposit (if the service is provided by another cash transportation company).

Convenience: eliminates the need for frequent visits to the Bank.


Individual Entrepreneurs that are looking for a solution to deposit large amounts of cash (banknotes and/or coins) without leaving their facilities.