Exportação Segura


Innovative offer in Portugal, which covers risk collection in occasional export operations, invoice by invoice. Developed in partnership with COSEC and exclusive for BPI Clients.


The Exportação Segura credit insurance is a partnership of BPI and COSEC, Portuguese leader in credit insurance (according to the Portuguese Insurance Association) and 50% held by BPI and by Euler Hermes. Euler Hermes is the world leader in credit insurance (according to ICISA – International Credit Insurance and Surety Association), with a presence in 52 countries.

This insurance covers the non-payment risk for single operations (invoice by invoice) for the sale of goods and services abroad, without the need to guarantee the complete Client portfolio.

It is aimed at new exporters and companies with the intention of diversifying their export activity towards new Clients and/or markets.

  • The Exportação Segura credit insurance is the only solution in Portugal which covers the non-payment risk for an individual export operation (invoice by invoice) without the need to guarantee the complete Client portfolio;
  • This promotes market research, insofar as it allows for the prior assessment of the risk associated with potential Clients;
  • Greater security in commercial transactions made for the external market: coverage of risks of late payment (arrears), bankruptcy or insolvency of the client, approval of composition or moratorium, insufficiency of funds;
  • It promotes the increase of company sales, insofar as it provides greater security for export commercial transactions, both with new and current Clients;
  • Facilitated access to financing solutions and to advancing revenue related to credit sale operations with a suitable risk coverage;
  • Access to a specialized professional credit risk analysis and of collection and recovery of debts for the external market, through the relationship with BPI. 

Companies, Sole Proprietors who are BPI Clients, and which:

  • Are going to export for the first time or export occasionally;
  • Are going to export to new markets and/or to new Clients;
  • Do not have access to other credit risk coverage instruments regarding their commercial transactions abroad.
Eligible operations

Risks Covered

  • Late payments (arrears);
  • Bankruptcy or insolvency of the Client;
  • Approval of composition or moratorium;
  • Insufficiency of funds.

This information is provided for advertising purposes and does not constitute a contractual offer; you must read the pre-contractual and contractual information required by law.

Contracting subject to prior approval by the entities involved and subject to the conditions defined according to the risk profile of each operation.

Banco BPI, S.A., Rua Tenente Valadim, 284, Porto, Tied Insurance Intermediary no. 207232431 (registered with the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervision Authority on 31-10-2017 - more details on the registration available at www.asf.com.pt); authorised to carry on insurance business in the Life and Non-Life Branches with the insurers BPI Vida e Pensões - Companhia de Seguros Vida, S.A., Companhia de Seguros Allianz Portugal, S.A. and COSEC - Companhia de Seguro de Créditos, S.A. Banco BPI, S.A. is not authorised to receive premiums or enter into contracts on behalf of COSEC, Allianz or BPI Vida e Pensões and, as an insurance intermediary, assumes no responsibility for the coverage of risks inherent in the insurance contract.