Venda Segura


Innovative offer in Portugal, to cover the risk of collection related to the occasional sale of goods and services, invoice by invoice, within the Portuguese market. Exclusive to BPI Clients.


The Venda Segura credit insurance is a result of the partnership between BPI and COSEC, Portuguese leader in credit insurance (according to the Portuguese Insurance Association), held in equal shares by BPI and Euler Hermes. Euler Hermes is the world leader in credit insurance (data from ICISA – International Credit Insurance and Surety Association), with a presence in 52 countries.

Secure Sale is an innovative credit insurance which is unique in Portugal, covering the risk of non-payment for single operations invoice by invoice for credit sales of goods and services within the Portuguese market, without the need to guarantee the complete client portfolio.

  • Promotes market research, insofar as it allows for the prior assessment of the risk associated with potential clients;
  • Allows increased exposure in the Portuguese market, whether with new or current clients;
  • Greater security in commercial transactions made within the Portuguese market: coverage of risks of late payment (arrears), bankruptcy or insolvency of the client, approval of composition or moratorium, insufficiency of funds;
  • Facilitated access to financing solutions and to revenue advances related to credit sale operations with suitable risk coverage;
  • Facilitates the recovery of credit in the event of default.

Companies and Sole Proprietors which:

  • Are, occasionally, selling through credit;
  • Are selling through credit for the first time to new Clients and/or current Clients in Portugal.
Risks Covered
  • Delays in payments (arrears);
  • Bankruptcy or insolvency of the Client;
  • Approval of composition or moratorium;
  • Insufficiency of funds.